We set our prices based on the condition of your designer item, item type, age, current demand and market value. By using data from previously sold items, we try to price your items as high as possible and sell them within 45 days.

How much you earn is depending on the selling price. The higher the price, the lower the commission rate. For more details about commission rates please see our CONSIGNER TERMS

We accept and resell items across all categories for both men and women; including clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewelry and watches – but only from the absolute top segment of luxury designers. All items accepted must be authentic and in good, very good or new condition.

All products listed on shopreway.com have been reviewed and authenticated by our dedicated team of experts. We inspect all items for authenticity signatures, date codes, serial tags and hologram labels. To ensure authenticity on products, we also use the Entrupy tool in our authentication process. Entrupy is the only AI based authentication solution on the market today.