At a time when climate change is threatening the planet, we believe that the future of fashion is circular and our ambition is to keep clothing in use for longer. By empowering sellers and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods, we can soften luxury’s impact on the environment one consignment at the time. Together with our members we’re contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry where luxury goods stay in circulation – it’s the smart and sustainable approach to luxury consumption in the 21st century.

The Fashion industry’s track record remains a source of concern. The textile sector still represents 6 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions and 10 to 20 percent of pesticide use. Washing, solvents, and dyes used in manufacturing are responsible for one-fifth of industrial water pollution, and fashion accounts for 20 to 35 percent of microplastic flows into the ocean. (McKinsey – The State of Fashion 2020)

According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 53-79% of a person´s wardrobe has not even been worn in the last 12 month. And according to Greenpeace 95% of trashed clothing could be re-worn, recycled or re-used

Together we can contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Help us make an impact and start consigning today!

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