How It Works:


Register and get your
personal profile


How it works step 2

List your products
that you want to sell
in the form available


How it works step 3

Choose pickup method
that suites you the best


How it works step 4

RE/WAY brand authenticators
carefully authenticates, evaluates
and price every item


How it works step 5

RE/WAY sends out an agreement
forapproval of items to be sold
and sale price


How it works step 6

After your approval of agreement and
saleprice, RE/WAY photograph, list
and sell your items on the RE/WAY


How it works step 7

When your is sold you will receive a notification email where you can choose
how you want to get paid. All payments are made by RE/WAY within 24 hours
aCer the right of return has expired (RE/WAY have a return policy of 14 days)
You can choose to have you payment made directly to your check account or
by Swish (only works in Sweden)