About Us

RE/WAY work to support a more sustainable luxury consumption. Our proposition is simple: re-sale extends the life cycle of designer goods — it’s the smart and sustainable approach to luxury consumption in the 21st century.

We want to raise awareness about sustainable luxury and offer an easy way to join the circular economy. When you share your designer pieces with someone who will treasure them as much as you do, you can feel good knowing you’re making someone else happy while contributing to a more sustainable consumption and a better environment. The RE/WAY model begins with qualified experts examining all submitted piece to ensure its quality and authenticity. We then facilitate the entire sale process and price, photograph and sell your items fast. It’s easy, and it pays.

Together with our re-sellers we are shaping the new sustainable fashion consumption generation. We are increasing the number of times an already bought designer pieces is worn. Help us to raise awareness about sustainable luxury consumption and feel good knowing you’re doing something that is better for the environment and better for the future.

Join our efforts towards a more sustainable luxury consumption. Come and sell with us! Contact us for more information 

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